A robust mount for middle sized telescopes and with GoTo capabilities. Any telescopes with standard dovetail can be attached easily and quickly. The mount comes with a polar scope installed. The 45mm tripod legs made of steel increases the stability, meaning a maximum load of 9kg (short tubes).

This mount is equipped with the latest SynScan GoTo hand controller with a built in database. The hand controlled contains more than 42900 objects, including all Messier, NGC and IC objects and other deepsky catalogues, plus many double and variable stars. After aligning the mount the objects can be found in seconds.

The hand controller can also propose a list of interesting and observable objects with its guided tour. The hand controller provides up to date positition data of the Polaris helping the polar alignment procedure. The power voltage can be also checked (can be useful when powering the mount from a rechargeable battery) and also the external temperature can be interrogated.

The backlash compensation can be adjusted fully. The small correction speeds available through the autoguider port (0.125-1x stellar speed) and PEC also increases the capabilities for astrophotography.

The hand controller firmware can be upgraded from the internet.

Powered from 12V AC that can be provided from a car’s cigarette lighter (cable included) or from a rechargeable battery, or other adaptor.